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Iterating on details now:

- Added a reset switch for your flashing pleasure. Using a fastener clip to hold it in place after having some superglue brainfarts
- tighter tolerances on the USB-C hole
- fitting the rotary encoder without increasing the height of the shell
- and of course picking the proper combination of colors.

And yes, that reset button offset will haunt me in my dreams for years now.

#3dprinting #mechanicalkeyboard

Will publish STLs and STEP files once it is working

How did the hacker get away from the police?

She ransomware.

Achievement unlocked: Dissed by ChatGPT after someone had to ask it nicely to be mean to me.

I have defended Thunderbird as "not slow" for years, but recently since I've been moving 10-200 mails manually every few days this will hang and stall the whole program. Not cool.

Since JSON is pronounced Jason (this is an undisputed fact), I declare DNS is now pronounced Dennis.

It's not DNS
There's no way its DNS
It was DNS


It is not Dennis
There is no way its Dennis
Yep, it was Dennis

And here is a picture of Dennis in his natural habitat.

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Read my lips:

An audio show that can only be played in an Apple player on an Apple device is not a podcast.

An audio show that can only be played in Spotify is not a podcast.

Repeat ad nauseam for any other proprietary audio show platforms.

A #podcast is an #RSS feed with enclosures of audio files which are playable across the whole ecosystem of podcast players.

Any reporter who reports on exclusive audio shows and calls them “podcasts” are doing a grave disservice to their audience.

Indiana Jones? You mean Fedora the Explorer?

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this was the best thing I ever tweeted