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I'm looking for a home #router, preferably one I can put some open source firmware on (#OpenWRT, or whatever the best is at the moment), because my Asus RT-N12+ is not well supported (its still running the latest factory firmware for that reason), and for the past week or so, I get disconnected, and have to manually reconnect every 15 minutes, and it's driving me crazy.

I'm mostly looking for a wired router, wireless is nice, but optional (I have a separate wireless router in the living room, which is working fine). I need at least 3 LAN ports, but could do with 4-5.

Also looking for something I can buy locally in Hungary, without having to order from Ebay or Amazon, so... something off the shelf. And not super expensive...

Recommendations and boosts would be most appreciated, I am not good at picking my hardware (except my keyboards, I'm good at that). :(

The new Wikipedia design is so bad I'm thinking about installing a user style addon again after many, many years.

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Hello world!

Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

#mastodon #accessible #a11y #client #app #web #semaphore #pinafore

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🎉 Teal 0.15.0 is now released! 🎉

Teal is a statically-typed dialect of #LuaLang — Changelog:

I made a graph of all my past relationships.

It has an ex axis and a why axis.

Thank you Tumblr
I needed to hear about relic English still living among us

ed: corrected tense

“This place makes me very uncomfortable, Jessica.”

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In Britain, it's called a lift, but Americans call it an elevator. I guess we were just raised differently.

CloudFlare apparently loves to block Firefox on OpenBSD. Fuck #cloudflare. Getting this all over the place. Need DDoS protection? Run your own site and temporary flop over to a big proxy as needed. 99% you're just letting this clownshow crap on your customers for no reason.

TIL you can prevent layout shift when changing from

overflow: hidden;


overflow: auto; /* or scroll */

by adding

scrollbar-gutter: stable;

to the container 🤯

No more hacky padding-and-JavaScript shenanigans! Thanks @bramus for sharing!