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more static web pages please. bring back the inertnet

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You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf
In Canada we have

@RikerGoogling officially leaving Twitter for is the actual death of Twitter.

Good work Number 1!

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We're planning to hold a GodotCon in Munich, Germany this October. It's been a long time since the last one so we need to have an up to date estimate of attendance. Help us by voting below 👇

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In a conversation on reddit today someone asked if other languages have phrases like "rightie tightie, leftie loosie" to remember which way to turn screws/lids/etc. And one person answers that in Spanish, the phrase is:

"La derecha oprime, la izquierda libera."


"The right oppresses, the left liberates."

(Now I kind of want to put this on a t shirt)

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TAW: #sre

Today is a sad day. PC Engines, Swiss manufacturer of high quality embedded x86 boards for 20 years, has announced the phase-out plan for their latest product and that there are no plans for a successor :(

One of these days where during my first coffee I'm already thinking why people put their Dr. in the profile name, but the appointed Professors usually don't.

Great moments in software engineering

Newfoundland, ca. 1000 CE: A bug in the Google Maps route-planning algorithm at high latitudes causes Leif Eriksson and his crew to miss Greenland entirely. They instead become the first Europeans to reach North America. They name the place "Vimland" in honor of a text editor sacred to Odin. Emacs-using natives soon attack the Vikings on several Usenet groups.

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