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We should be able to write

nice try { … }

to avoid error handling entirely

Minimalism is a scam invented by big small to sell more less

Please people. It's not "Mastodon", it's "ActivityPub/Mastodon"

Sometimes  I wonder if serious collectors of things with actual value (as in, not just silly cheap knick knacks) are budgeting on a monthly or yearly basis or are just more likely to spend most of their disposable income on their thing.

I'm kinda neither of these things (serious, valuable but if I have my mind set on something (like a series of books or stuff) then I tend to scour ebay and buy a dozen things at once and then nothing for a year or ten, but at least I'm trying to not spend tons of money...

Or maybe I'm just bad at having real long-lasting hobbies.

Sometimes I write a toot and then delete it because I've grown as a person in those 45 seconds

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The Book Wheel was an invention from the 16th century for people that needed multiple tabs open before browsers were invented.

First meetup since... probably 2019. Kinda missed this.

A mural celebrating #SciHub on the campus of @unam_mx in #CDMX. Reportedly painted by students without permission. 😲 #StreetArt