Every time I read about people being happy with emacs I kinda want to try it again, but then I remember all the times I gave up on day 2. Guess this will never work out unless I am somehow forced to use it on a daily basis, e.g. if my team wrote only Lisp.

putting a pronoun picker in your game is not only the right thing to do it makes the worst people in humanity have huge meltdowns basically for free so i can only say i recommend it highly

Meet Sarah and Andy. Sarah is an engineer, Andy is a male engineer. The male engineer T-shirt is more expensive because "the standard version has to be adapted to fit the non-standard male body".

They sure got their priorities straight at the manwhohasitallshop.com. 👚 Brilliant! 🔥

Check out this wall of light-up keyboards being used as a display!

As a software developer I find the actors' and writers' strike somewhat curious.

Imagine most important software was done in one region of one country and all developers were organized in one union and the machine could stand still, just like that. It's kinda bizarre.

Also of course I applaud them standing up to the hypercapitalism that is Hollywood and the big streaming services, but that doesn't make me better at not being able to imagine this, because you can substitute most professions for software developers, with some exceptions.

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Seen in a code comment: "Thankfully, we can do this with the power of C++ templates"

Well, author, you might be thankful but I can assure you I am not.

PLT enthusiasts, which was the first language with Maybe/Option?

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if your networking docs focus on FTP active/passive as a prime example for firewall rules, it’s time to update them for this century.

"To be fair to C and C++, if you set yourself the goal of crossing an 8-lane freeway blindfolded, it does make sense to focus on doing it as fast as you possibly can." 😬


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Daily reminder that Discord is not a wiki, guide site, or a forum. "Did you ask on the Discord?" is not a valid answer because someone will be looking for that info in a few years and either find invalid invites, or a dead Discord that they have to try to unearth their answer in previous discussion like they're trying to find obsidian arrowheads in Egypt. Assuming that Discord server even still exists at that point. And unlike when a site vanishes, there is no wayback machine for Discord servers