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I realize most of the people who need to read this aren't on here, but the appropriate reaction to Twitter randomly killing off its biggest 3rd party clients without any communication is not "oh no, now I have to use the official app, and it's kind of clunky"

Blues: The world is fucked
Punk: The world is fucked and I'm pissed
Emo: The world is fucked and I'm sad
Grunge: The world is fucked and I'm medicated
Ska: The world is fucked and I have a trumpet

• owned a house
• had two kids & a dog

ME, 30:
• own an impressively large collection of instant noodles
• have beef, chicken, spicy chicken AND the vegetable flavor

Normalize telling people you absolutely will not rent any software.

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And one more before I go be marginally less unproductive:

"Overheard my 11 y/o daughter record her voicemail greeting: 'Hi, you've reached my voicemail. When you hear the beep, hang up and send me a text.'"

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There's some outdated information about HTML elements currently going around so here is a refresher: choose between <ul> and <ol> depending on whether the list is underwhelming (eg. product specs) or overwhelming (eg. to do list). <b> is now used to mark up boring facts, while <i> is reserved for interesting facts.

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Just found my new hero.

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I’m a frickin genius.

Context: my kid is mildly allergic to citric acid and citric fruit. Brings out eczema. And citric acid is in SO many things. And it’s painful checking ingredients lists for it.

This morning I wondered: can my phone OCR the ingredients list and check it?

My first thought was to make a little web app. But there doesn’t seem to be a OCR in web browsers yet.

But I KNOW my phone can get text from images.


Apple Shortcuts!!!


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Hey friends, does anybody has any posts/articles about using ttrpg on classroom with kids? A friend of mine is looking into that and I remember reading some cool stuff about it but I didn't save any so if anybody has anything to share it would be super.

If not if you could please boost it is be really glad 🥺

Love this!