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— You hang up!
— No, you hang up!
— You hang up!
— No, you hang up!
— Honey, I’m running the iOS 17 beta. I literally cannot hang up.

Imagine in a few years being able to say to chatgpt8:
Please promote my product on the fediverse by registering 100,000 accounts over the course of 12 weeks on at least 500 different instances, weighted by instance size. These accounts should be conversational and engaging with other members and should not be detectable as bots. 10% of of these bots should express skepticism in my product, and the remaining bots should engage them in a public discourse to correct their misunderstanding. Monitor the sentiment of people discussing my product and develop an optimal strategy to maximize that sentiment. “

Starting a fundraiser to start up the .js and .php TLDs. I think it’s around $300k. We can DO this

people making the argument we should federate with megacorp instances based on the fact that you still send email to gmail users and I'm like ... hang on you really think the situation with email today is a good thing? like ... you want more of that disaster?

talk to anyone who's actually tried to run an email server this decade; I'm begging you

Genie: I’ll give you one billion dollars if you can spend 100M in a month. There are 3 rules: No gifting, no gambling, no throwing it away.

SRE: Can I use AWS?

Genie: There are 4 rules.

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Free TV show idea: HBO Domain Hoarders

15 minutes after consuming the expensive Finnish nootropic coffee: My thoughts and ideas have attained an unusually robust completeness, and my imagination space is noticeably larger and more round. Sitting down at my desk, I find I can put the triangular block in the triangle hole on the first try every time without having to reposition it on the way in. I am writing an email to let mom know that I'm finally ready for kindergarten.

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If I'm being subjective, I'd say my favourite band is The Who.

If I was being objective, I'd say it was The Whom.

Toast Huawei

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If a tree falls in the woods, but there are no KPIs to track this, did it really happen?