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The final mask policy is posted on .

This policy will keep folks as safe as possible, including many (but not all) folks with more risk than average. It won't make everyone perfectly safe, of course, so if you have small kids or are immunocompromised or anything like that, you should watch the live stream and hang out in the IRC.

But BSDCan is about community, and a community protects its weakest members. I'm proud we were able to firmly defend our peeps.

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The best slide at #srecon — thanks #hachyderm team!

We have heard your complaints that you and everyone you love are being crushed under the wheels of industry

Don't worry, we will be switching to a 100% electric fleet by 2035 to more sustainably crush you and everyone you love

Everyone should read David Notkin's remembrance of Nico Habermann from time to time. Students come first.

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As a professional programmer, the number one rule is "don't trust programmers". They're not mega intelligent computer wizards. We spend half our time cleaning up the mistakes of the developers that came before us, and the other half making mistakes for future devs to clean up.

Convincing a Google exec to buy all these generative AI's

So that the entire project can be quietly killed after ~ 3 years

Along with every other thing that Google has ever touched

Talking to LLM researchers about ethics be like:

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Pi Day is a fake holiday that exploits a universally beloved mathematical constant to promote US-style date formats.

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never change, Google