Two largest unsolved problems in computer graphics? 1) computers, and 2) graphics

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Old MacDonald Had A Theremin

Kinda wild reading about this spam wave from afar. Apparently the only real Mastodon (as in the server software) account I use has admins who won, and then I have 2 accounts on... quite more exotic server software.
... or I have no friends and even the spammers avoid me. win-win in any case.

Yes, Thunderbird, surely people will never fatfinger moving a folder with 10k mails into another. Surely you don't need a confirmation dialog here because people use folders in mailboxes every single hour of every single day. I know there was an extension to add this, pretty sure they broke it. Let's see. It's really one of these weeks...

times new roman on a plain white background isn't "cute"; it's something websites only output when they're in distress

tired: ham radio reply guys

wired: software defined randos

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MS pls sell Teams to Google just so they shut it down 24 months from now

I've been working on some changes to Leiningen to make it easier to safely do analysis on projects: the new static-classpath task will give you a classpath without any dynamic loading of plugins, hooks, middleware, etc:

if you have a #clojure project you could test this out on, please try pulling the latest Leiningen from git and running lein static-classpath on it to see how it works; this would be helpful so we can shake out problems before getting it into a release

(note that unfortunately it won't work on projects that depend on plugins in order to resolve the classpath, like if you use lein-parent)

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Attention C programmers!

Note that the Standard specifies the type of "decimal_point" in struct lconv as a nonempty string.

It also doesn't say that this is a string of length 1, or even a single encoded multibyte character.

Therefore, you must accept that "3UNCHECKED CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH IS DANGEROUS AND UNSUSTAINABLE1415" is roughly equal to pi as long as you called setlocale() properly first.

Do with this information as you will.

#programming #clanguage