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wait for it

Images? Pixelfed.
Books? Bookwyrm.
Text? Anything, really.

Why is there nothing dedicated to playlists or mixtapes?
Maybe because you don't want to embed the media, only the meta data and link to YouTube/SoundCloud/Spotify. Yeah, of course you can embed a single track via a link but that doesn't cut it.

Finally found this one again:

twitch streamer with 7 viewers: hey guys!! i bought this expensive microphone so you can hear me play minecraft in dolby atmos surround sound

long-distance train manager (speaking into a potato): please listen to the following announcements to find out how you’re going to get home

On this date in 1993, the IETF published RFC1519 and obsoleted classful addressing.

If anyone talks about Class C addresses, or even A, B, D, or E, their knowledge is thirty years obsolete and they can be safely ignored.¹ #sysadmin

¹ Unless they're discussing history.

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Forget hoodies on the Senate floor, I want to see them all wear jumpsuits like NASCAR drivers with all the corporations and billionaires that bought them plastered on their suits.

One day I’ll write a book „how to build scalable system for the 95%“.

You’ll be able to summarize it with

- pick any mainstream language
- deploy on one server
- deploy Postgres on another server
- double the number of server for redundancy

So many systems I’ve seen lately could run off in memory SQLite and a replication to a CSV file.
Yet there’s a relational database, a document database, a key value store and four services deployed on k8s for all 100MB data and 2000 customers.

My favourite changelog format is the 'Daft Punk' format:

👊 Harder
New features

💫 Better
Updated features

🐎 Faster
performance optimisations

💪 Stronger
bug fixes

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The F35 knows where it is, because it knows where it isn't