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Remember: if you get Wikipedia "pls give us money" begging, give to the Internet Archive instead.

The internet archive is perpetually underfunded, whereas Wikipedia has enough cash on hand to continue operating at twice its capacity for about 3 decades.

Editors strongly opposed the wording of the recent beg banner:

@bodil I suspect it's on my end but I can't resolve anymore. 3min analysis seems to hint at one different NS that's not responding to v4 (, but is fine, just FYI

Apparently, it’s rude to poke someone in the forehead and say, “skip intro,” when they start talking to you.

You: Can I send you a DM?

Me: Sure

(doorbell rings, I go to open the door)

Man sitting on floor outside behind small cardboard screen with dice: At the bottom of the hill is the entrance to a spooky cave. You can hear orc voices inside. Do you want to go in?

I see a cute #MechanicalKeyboard, I boost. Even if I see it outside of the Fediverse.

I've seen this today, it's cute, and now You can marvel at it too:

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The trick to German train travel without loosing your mind is to expect the worst and view it as interactive comedy. You live in a Monty Python joke for the next few hours. Act accordingly.

Dear Fediverse: I want a simple, web based, log analyzer + viewer tool that will run on the same machines as the logs will be gathered. No need for cloud based, multi-tenant solutons. All I want is: frequency of errors, some grouping, simple log view. What tool to use?

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when you download an image from the web these days, instead of a PNG or a JPEG, you get one of these new formats which is 8% more efficient, not compatible with any "pre-covid software" and has a name which sounds like

High Information Format Format
j-eggings Layer 6
ProRes ProxyGold (Grain Profile)
Radiance XML
WebX 2000

It's a good thread, but it completely misses the point.

I don't care if 97% of Twitter users don't want a chronological timeline, *I* want one. When they introduced the algorithmic shit all we asked was a setting to keep the chronological one.

JFTR, I don't care a single bit for any of the other things that were mentioned and I never said any feature would kill twitter, and that matches all the other people I spoke to.

This piece on Wired about Black Twitter is worth your time. It's something I've been thinking about a lot, about how uneven a migration to a new space ends up being.

It also is one thing I'm eyeing about Mastodon. There's a danger that servers become silos if we aren't intentional. If you listen to some of the Black scholars in my field, they are saying as much. Twitter makes their work visible across groups.

So how do we federate for inclusion? It will be a challenge.