Current mood: Not being able to decide if I need to write a programming language or an editor fist. At least the OS space is safe... for the moment.

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who will be the fifth

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i miss web mashups. i have to manually open wiki tabs to find things out about music videos

i want a "pop up video" that randomly explains that the bassist in "got to be real" is also the singer in toto's africa

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Finally managed to upgrade that one server (VPS) where I don't trust the recovery, where I can't replace with a new image, and where I don't want to move hosters. Everything is well until April 2025 now. I need an exit strategy.

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ars technica: we don't know how they did it but google chrome now extracts a pint of blood every time you log on

chrome user, dizzy from blood loss: I swear to god I am like this close to switching to firefox

another chrome user, on the verge of fainting from severe blood loss: no need to resort to that, just switch to [insert today's trendy chrome fork here] and be smart like meeee

I think it's been years since I took a couple of days off and have felt the need to work on every side project I started. I think I did touch three of them already before day 1 is over.

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I want an apology from all the mansplainers that mocked my belief that privatizing NASA and relying this heavily on SpaceX would undermine the national security policy of the United States.

@leah Not a string, but I had to think of the flexible regex delimiters in many languages now.

I've not heard from DropBox since I last used it in 2014, unless I forgot some sync job on some host (unlikely) - but I've been getting "your account is nearly full" mails for about two weeks now. Weird.