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I am looking for a new job. In case someone needs or knows someone who needs a devtooling, infra person with a good understanding of genai, let me know. In large companies I prefer EM roles in small IC. I have 10 years experience at FAANG both as a senior manager and a senior engineer. My last FAANG role was overseeing 40+ people across multiple teams and managers. Recently i spent a year working on GenAI as an EIR at Sutter Hill Ventures. Location #London or #remote. DMs open. #fedihire

"warum bist du mit zwei großen Landmaschinen zur Arbeit gefahren? Streikst du heute?"

"Nein nein, ich brauche das für die..."

"Sag. Es. Nicht."

"... Zwei-Traktor-Authentifizierung"


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What idiot called it Uber XL and not Van Hailin’?

#pun #music

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TFW some tab makes a low blip noise and you only hear it through the headphones somewhere on your desk, and don't know which thing it was. Usually it's Mastodon then because that's a little lower than Discord and beeps less often, so if I can't say what it is, then it's probably that. ARGH.

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Bored? Just learn how to read QR codes without device.

Über die Toten nichts Schlechtes, sagt man. Bei Wolfgang Schäuble, dem die Union gerade Kränze windet (Spahn: "großer Staatsmann"), fällt es mir schwer, denn er war ein zynischer, brutaler, nationalistischer Politiker ohne jede Moral. Ich hatte zu seinem 80. Geburtstag mal einige seiner Verdienste aufgelistet.

It's some sort of Anarchist plot.

> Only the original version of "Last Christmas" applies, the player can listen to remixes and covers of the song

I thought I'd lost Whamageddon today, but I'm still in for the home stretch!