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CSS still annoying in 2368

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Understanding #Mastodon gets easier once you get the basic idea that federation between servers can be understood as homeomorphisms across hyperplanes between the Riemannian manifolds of toots, whereas the servers represent countable finite sets of discrete entities.

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"i use arch btw"
boring, old, may get you mistaken for a techbro

"Federal regulations require me to mention NixOS at least once"
sparks curiosity, menacing

With the Twitter reinstatement of the former US President who attempted to incite a fascist coup after losing an election, now would _really_ be a good time to stop cross-posting your Twitter RTs here.

If you feel that cross-posting is the only way to maintain a presence here, please consider limiting it to original posts without mentions or RTs, to avoid cluttering timelines with Twitter URLs. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

I'm still not sure if cohost is part of the fediverse, they don't advertise it anywhere when I've skimmed the landing page, and I surely won't just try to follow someone there. Odd.

Really trying to broaden my timeline but it feels kinda weird that half of the posts seem to be about the migration and the other site. Everything is very meta right now and people aren't just posting normal things.

I mean, I've not been terribly active on either platform so I managed to stay out of the huge shitstorms, but with my <150 following and followers I have a feeling I've always used it wrong (or at least not like most people) anyway. We'll see how this works out. In any case I'm really glad the traffic is picking up.

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I enjoy watching folks hopping instances like they're window managers in 2002

My favorite pair of Levi's tore through at the knee and now I'm compelled to ask myself:

do the jeans justify the mends?

sorry but

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Ugh, these new Twitter refugees are ruining the place for long-standing community members like me who have been here for ten days.