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I've been talking with an academic researcher who is interested in speaking with people who have shut down their fediverse servers, for any reason.

I know it's a touchy subject so I didn't want to just refer her directly to people, but if you are seeing this message and you're interested, please DM me and I will give you her email. I did a 1-hour interview with her on more general topics and really enjoyed the experience.

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This is your periodic reminder that 10 years ago an audiophile forum started debating which versions of memcpy had the highest sound quality.

And that C++ new sounds better than malloc.

Content is corporate.

Don't be corporate.

The only way left to combat the algorithms is being aggressively human.

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My wife handed me a clean towel and asked me to “put it in its place.” So, I looked at it and said, “Don’t forget that you’re only a towel,” and I was reminded yet again of just how lucky this woman was to be married to me.

The existence of the free church of scotland implies the existence of the malloc church of scotland

"Debugging the buffer cache? They make nipple clamps for people like you."

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Q: how do you know you’re about to log into a piece of critical infrastructure”
A: “the invalid cert warning in your browser.”

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This hits a little close to the mark...


usb drives you find lying on the ground are modern day cursed amulets