It's a shame that the #crystallang compiler seems to be going hayward with resources, I can't build on my VM  (with a DE and browser and an IDE) without oom killer killing random things. It has all 4 cores of an old i4 and 10GB of RAM, I've never experienced *any* problem building C, C++, Rust, or Java.

So it's either getting it to run on WSL (I only have WSL 1 here, running fine, so Docker is out) or using a laptop, which means it's too much work and I won't do shit.

Too bad, wanted to work on some issue I'd filed long ago, but this is not enjoyable. I've not started profiling, but the application doesn't seem to be that huge or complicated and some research had more people complaining. Yes, it's 10 year old decent hardware, but it's a small, probably typical web app and not an enterprise abomination.