I have this coding setup at home where I run an x server on a Debian WSL VM via mobaxterm and connect to my Arch VM on my home server via virt-manager. (Yes, it sounds complicated and no, it's really not).

Because of the ssh thing I just did a `pacman -Syu` this morning and now I have Plasma 6.1 on Wayland where I believe it was Plasma 6.0 on X before that.

First thing I noticed is that my `xrandr --newmode; xrandr --addmode` custom resolution doesn't work anymore but, much worse, now the connection seems to have this tiny bit of VM lag you probably all know, whereas before that this was the best VM experience I've had in my life. No difference to working locally.

And this is just one more example of "this is why we criticize Wayland adoption." Now I have to spend time figuring this out, can only hope I can fix it and before everything was working perfectly. 
Yes, maybe it's Arch's fault for setting some weird defaults, maybe it's my own fault for running anything but a normal system on a normal laptop, but in the end it broke the principle of least surprise and the only obvious thing that has changed is Plasma 6.1 on Wayland.