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Had to emergency-move the mail server on Friday/over the weekend. Glad I had trialled mailcow already, I'm using this now over docker-mailserver. Wasn't bad but I liked mailcow more and it has a few things that seem better but I couldn't run it for technical reasons.
So this marks the end of 15 years of running on the same IP address at Strato, gonna cancel that server ASAP, as their support simply sucks. You call them with "hey, my VPS with 6 cores shows a load of 0-1 but everything is so slow that single commands take a minute and a reboot takes an hour, I've had this in the past, please check your hardware" and "nah, our monitoring doesn't say anything". So I had migrated off of that box before I got a response to the email ticket I had written before the call.
Hetzner Cloud it is for now, unless I decide I want to get a dedicated box again, but I doubt it. Also seriously thought about ending the self-hosting experiment of either 16-20 years (I simply don't remember). #ryoms